Post-Paid Pricing Policy:

Alliance Power maintains its everyday low price throughout the entire year and does not apply seasonal (winter vs. summer) pricing to its rate structure.

Contracts & Fees

Alliance Power’s residential customers can choose a month-to-month plan or lock-in to a LOW rate for the whole year.

There’s no switching fees or other hidden fees which may impact the total cost of your electricity service. A fixed monthly fee of $9.95 is the only fee listed on your statement.

Making the Switch

Upon your authorization, changing to Alliance Power from your current Retail Electric Provider is a transition handled totally by Alliance ‘s Customer Service Department on your behalf with no disruption of service.

Your area utility company will continue to read your meter, maintain power lines and poles and restore service to you should power outages occur. After you switch, customer billing and all customer service issues will be processed through Alliance Power.

Payment Options

Online:  Visit us online at to make a one-time payment with your credit or debit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

By Phone: Call us at 940-692-8760 or toll free 1-877-777-2017 to make a payment with your credit or debit card or checking account.  Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM CT (no additional fees apply).

Mail Delivery:  Mail your money order, cashier’s check, or check to P.O Box 735459 Dallas, TX  75373-5459

In Person:  Bring your bill and/or account number with you to make a cash payment at any Fidelity Express (additional fees apply).


Plan Name Term 2-13-2023  6-15-2022 4-21-2022
Month-to-Month Houston MTM $0.1401 $0.1701 $0.11915
North MTM $0.1401 $0.1701 $0.11915
South MTM $0.1401 $0.1701 $0.11915
West MTM $0.1401 $0.1701 $0.11915
1 Year Contract Houston 1YR $0.0996 $0.1296 $0.07865
North 1YR $0.0996 $0.1296 $0.07865
South 1YR $0.0996 $0.1296 $0.07865
West 1YR $0.0996 $0.1296 $0.07865
2 Year Contract North 2YR $0.1037 $0.1337 $0.08275
West 2YR $0.1037 $0.1337 $0.08275

Residential Quote

Want to determine the cost savings you could realize as a customer of Alliance Power Company? Residential pricing is based on the area of Texas in which you live. Call one of our well trained customer representative for your low residential rate.